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About Us

What's up ladies and gents!

DRINK COFFEE DO STUFF is more than a brand, it's a philosophy. It began at 12,000ft in the Swiss Alps on the Saas-Fee glacier back in my pro snowboard days. On a photoshoot, we'd escape the elements every hour or so: snowboard... cappuccino, snowboard... americano, snowboard... espresso, etc. Fascinated with how coffee was so embedded into the outdoor active lifestyle, I became hell-bent on recreating my Swiss experience in the place I love for the people I love: Truckee/North Tahoe. 

DRINK COFFEE DO STUFF: Lake Tahoe's Specialty Coffee Roastery - Nick Visconti, About Us

After 5 years of roasting apprenticeships and specialty coffee jobs in the Pacific Northwest, Laura and I moved back to Truckee to begin our roastery: DRINK COFFEE DO STUFF. 

Specialty coffee is an industry term distinguishing coffees scoring above 80 points on a 100 point scale. More practically, it is a nod to excellent quality control through the entire coffee supply chain: from producers to processing, exporting to importing, roasting to brewing. Specialty coffee accounts for 20% of annual global crop; they are the highest caliber coffees across the world. We believe extraordinary coffee leads to an extraordinary life... for us that begins with extraordinary coffee sourcing. Specialty coffee is grown between 4,000-9,000ft. We source all our coffees from mountain people and roast them for mountain people. 

DRINK COFFEE DO STUFF: Lake Tahoe's Specialty Coffee Roastery: Nick Visconti, About Us

Roasting coffee is art and science, and just like your favorite snowboarder or skier, roasting is all about style. My style is highlighting each coffee's unique "terroir" or sense of place: geography, topography and sociology. Highlighting these origin characteristics through extensive quality control and meticulous roasting in our roastery allows us to serve the most dynamic and superb coffees on earth. I couple this pursuit with maximizing sweetness through caramelizing the inherent sugars in all our coffees. When you drink one of our coffees you are partaking in a global experience, as well as a local one.

We are dedicated to ensuring Truckee/North Tahoe's entrepreneurial tomorrow through creating 4-season jobs for 4-season residents, as well as contributing to our stance that money made in Truckee/North Tahoe should also be spent here. We all live here for a reason; ours is empowering you to live your extraordinary life through coffee and the outdoors. 

So, whether you are off to work or your next alpine adventure: DRINK COFFEE DO STUFF!

- Nick Visconti

DRINK COFFEE DO STUFF: Lake Tahoe's Specialty Coffee Roastery - Nick Visconti, About Us