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We offer two subscription options — our standard Subscribe & Save option which offers 10% off all recurring orders, available every 7, 14 or 28 days. Once your coffee subscription is set up and an account is created, it is easy to manually substitute coffees, change frequency to whatever suits your preferences, skip an order if you are heading out of town, etc. Login to your subscription account here. We offer free shipping on all orders over $50 so we find that many of our customers subscribe in bulk and only receive coffee once a month. We ship all online orders the following business day, and we always ship coffee roasted the same day.

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The other subscription option is called Subscribe By Usage, which allows customers to sign up for a Bottomless subscription to our coffee. This option allows for 20% off your first order, and 10% off all future recurring orders. You'll receive a smart WIFI scale to store your coffee on, and Bottomless will automatically renew your subscription when you're running low.

Please note: we do not manage Bottomless accounts, even when it's our coffee you're subscribed to. For account help or further questions, please email

Another important note on subscriptions: if you're subscribed to a blend or single origin we no longer carry, our fulfillment team will instead ship you whatever we currently have on our menu that's most comparable in flavor profile and price. We rotate single origins seasonally throughout the year! You will receive an email notifying you before each subscription order processes, which will allow some time to login and make any necessary changes before your card is charged. We're always happy to help, too! Reach out at if you need additional assistance managing your subscription. We're stoked to roast for you!

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  • Is there a minimum term for the subscription?
    No, there is no minimum term. You have the flexibility to cancel anytime.
  • How do the pricing and discounts work?
    New customers enjoy a 20% discount on their first bag. After that, you get 10% off each subsequent bag.
  • How do I cancel my subscription in the future if I need to?
    Canceling is easy! Just log in to your account, navigate to your Settings page, and click 'Cancel Subscription'.
  • Are there any costs associated with the scale?
    No, the smart scale is absolutely free. It's included with your subscription to ensure you always get your coffee at the perfect time.
  • Is there a monthly charge to use the subscription?
    No monthly charges! You only pay for the coffee you order.
  • Can I change my product selection anytime I want?
    Absolutely! Just go to your preferred product's page and choose “set as scale default.”
  • I use a hopper for my beans. How does the scale work with that?
    The scale can work seamlessly with your setup. We suggest pouring a few days' worth of beans into the hopper at a time and keeping the remaining beans on the scale. This helps the scale effectively monitor your consumption.
  • How does the scale work? Can I use it as a measuring device?
    The smart scale connects to our system and sends weight reports to help us send you coffee when you need it. Although it's not designed for general measuring, it does an excellent job of keeping your coffee supply fresh.
  • If I decide to cancel, does the scale need to be returned?
    Don't worry! The scale is yours to keep, even if you decide to cancel your subscription.
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We couldn't be prouder to announce that Coffee Review just scored El Salvador Unicorn at a whopping 94 (!) and our brand new Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Koke at 93 — two of the highest scoring coffees of the year!


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