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Welcome to DRINK COFFEE DO STUFF Wholesale

We do things a little bit — lotta bit — different than traditional coffee vendors. With decades of experience in brand building, marketing execution, lowering bottom line and raising top line, award winning coffees and a pedigree for operational excellence, you can expect more than just extraordinary coffees delivered on time; you can expect a supportive, strategic partner. We’ve done it, continue to do it, and are dedicated to ensure you achieve your own business goals. Whether you’re in it for craft, culture, community or cash there is really no one better to help you up your coffee game, increase your revenue, develop legacy in your brand and share resources that create pathways for success. 

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Over the years we have scored a plethora of 90+ point coffees from Coffee Review. In addition, we’ve won Good Food Awards and have been heralded though national partners and press for extraordinary coffees. With a commitment to increasing transparency and sustainability in our sourcing to maximizing sweetness through our high altitude roasting style, all our coffees are designed with a purpose: to be great and guilt-free. Most are certified Fair Trade, Organic, Rain Forest Alliance, Shade Grown and always specialty grade coffees, so you'll be proud of the product you serve.

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We are also in retail so we know first-hand what the most important thing is from our vendors: reliability! When you call, we answer. With department supervisors in every category, we provide the most detailed attention to your needs, whatever they may be. Roasted to order and delivered weekly, you can expect nothing but the best. Coffee is a romantic business, but a tough one! There is competition on every street corner, and customers expect the impossible. So we’ve designed our production, fulfillment, customer service and product assortment to make the impossible, possible. Whether you’re in e-commerce, retail, grocery, food service, or corporate we have a bar-none program with unbeatable solutions to provide reliability and profitability. Start up? We can help you with equipment, training, bar design, go to market strategy, menu design and pricing, etc. Already successful? Let’s build a program that increases customer retention, elevates guest experience and increases your overall performance. We’re very proud to have seen partners grow 10-30% from working with us. Look, there’s no smoke and mirrors here. You can’t pay for trust, so let us prove that we’re the last wholesale partner you’ll ever need.

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The devil is in the details, so is the money. There can be many amazing byproducts to businesses; for us, we get to create full-time, four-season jobs in a traditionally difficult region to find good employment. We’re honored to financially support local non-profits that actively clean up and create a more sustainable future for Tahoe and its guests and residents alike. Additionally, we’re proud to invest into community and develop lifelong friendships through coffee, but we cannot do that without financial success. So, we’ve developed products, strategies, brand demand and sell-through techniques that work in increasing your performance. They can also help lower bottom line and increase top line sales. All the while, we have fun while we’re doing it! Let’s build great businesses together that not only survive, but thrive. The best advice we were given when we were a start-up is, “Don’t build yourself a job, build a business!” There’s a difference, and we can help be a part of that difference for you.

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Our founders all have hyper brand focused pasts: Brad Farmer was a veteran international brand builder across multiple continents with decades of accolades. Nick Visconti was a professional snowboarder intimately involved in product design and marketing strategy for many acclaimed snowboarding brands. Laura Visconti has a decorated past as one of the first Instagram influencers who went on to build her own boutique marketing agency working with local, national and global brands. The power of brand and marketing is known by everyone, but hard to quantify. When you partner with DRINK COFFEE DO STUFF, you don’t just get a roasting partner, but a brand partner. We don’t just shoot for the moon, we land on it. Let us show you. Come join the party...

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We couldn't be prouder to announce that Coffee Review just scored El Salvador Unicorn at a whopping 94 (!) and our brand new Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Koke at 93 — two of the highest scoring coffees of the year!


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