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Where is your coffee grown? How are your coffees sourced?
Our coffees are grown globally and sourced seasonally. Coffee grows in the equatorial belt around the world i.e. Latin America, South America, Northeast Africa and Indonesia. As specialty coffees grow at elevations similar to that of our roastery, all our coffees are sourced from the mountains and roasted in the mountains, resulting in unparalleled sweetness only achieved by altitude roasting.

Is your coffee Certified Organic and Fair Trade Certified?
At any given time, 90% of our coffees are organic and/or Fair Trade Certified. Although, as coffees is an international commodity, sometimes due to trade agreements and politics we source coffees that are not US certified FTO. In the instances, we vet our coffees intensively ensuring they are par or superior to FTO certifications. We source some of the highest quality coffees in the world, and even if a farm is not at a point to afford national organic certification, the practices remain the same.

How do your subscriptions work?
Please refer to our Subscription info page here.

Do you add flavoring to the coffee? 
No. We label the most prominent flavor experiences you’ll find in our coffees, but these taste notes are all natural. Coffee is the seed of a fruit; when roasted it manifests into a myriad of complex flavors. We go through rigorous sourcing and roasting quality control to guarantee fresh coffees, unique flavors and delicious sweetness!

Why is your coffee so sweet?
Due to less atmospheric pressure from the 6000’ altitude at our roasting headquarters in Lake Tahoe, we are able to begin the sugar caramelization phase of roasting sooner, as well as, stay in it longer. We cannot create more natural sweetness, but we can preserve it. It’s both a function of our roasting style and altitude advantage.

What is a blend?
A coffee blend has multiple origins of coffee in it. We blend coffees to create a specific flavor profile that will be enjoyable year around.

What is a single origin? 
A single origin is a coffee from exactly that, one single origin. It may refer to a single country, county, farmer, lot or even varietal. Our single origins rotate seasonally multiple times a year and are provide more exotic, exciting flavor profiles than the blends.

Do you sell gift cards?
Yes! All of our retail shops sell physical gift cards — please note, these gift cards cannot be redeemed at other locations or online, only the shop they were purchased at. Similarly, e-gift cards purchased on our website can ONLY be used online, not in store.

Do you offer any discounts or specials?
Yes! Subscribe and save 10% off all recurring orders. We have a handful of Seasonal Specials available. Plus, we offer free shipping on orders over $50.

How much coffee comes in a bag?
We sell 2lb, 5lb bags or our standard 11oz bags. By the ounce, the bigger in bulk you purchase, the more you save.

Will you do sample size bags for my wedding favors?
Unfortunately we do not produce bags smaller than our traditional 11oz size, however we do offer a really rad co-brand program where we can design a custom label for you! Shoot us a note at to learn more — we require a four week notice.

I'm interested in learning more about your co-brand program.
Great! We can design and produce your own custom triangle label on our coffee bags filled with the blend of your choice — really great idea for client gifts, wedding favors, VRBO branding, upsell opportunities, and so much more. Shoot us a note at to hear more details about pricing, turnaround time, etc.

What is your return policy?
Please check out our Policies link here for a comprehensive list of all of our policies.

How is your coffee a more natural fuel source?
Coffee’s composition is that of any other agricultural product: fats, carbs, proteins. Unlike other agriculture products, coffee also has organic material and alkaloids that make it a great fuel source. Naturally occurring caffeine, compared to synthetic found in energy drinks, as well as, trace electrolytes make coffee the perfect fuel source.

What brew methods do you recommend?
We recommend using a french press, Chemex, pour over, aero press, etc. However, we do understand the most people use a drip machine and thus we do quality control through all brewing methods. Check out our How To Brew videos here.

What is the recommended brew ratio for your coffee?
We recommend a 1:16 ratio (coffee: water).

What is the benefit of high altitude roasting?
Due to less atmospheric pressure from the 6000’ altitude at our roasting headquarters in Lake Tahoe, we are able to begin the sugar caramelization phase of roasting sooner, as well as, stay in it longer. We cannot create more natural sweetness, but we can preserve it. It’s both a function of our roasting style and altitude advantageous.

How should I store my coffee?
There are all kinds of myths when it comes to coffee storage. We recommend storing our coffee at room temperature in either our resealable bags or anything that mitigates oxygen exposure.

Where can I find your coffee?
Please check out our Dealer Locator link here to find out where you can buy a bag of our beans in your neighborhood and/or get a hot cup of our coffee.

I'm interested in wholesaling your coffee. How do I get more info?
We work with a variety of wholesalers throughout Northern California and Nevada and would love to hear more about your needs, and tell you how the program works. Start the process by emailing and read more about our Wholesale program here.

Can I visit your Truckee roastery to purchase coffee?
Sorry, no. We are a very busy production facility and don't have the means to handle in-person transactions or tours. Visit one of our brick and mortar shops instead! A list of our shops can be found here.

Where can I get my hands on some stickers?
We sell sticker packs online! Also, each customer who orders online receives a sticker in their package. If you sign up for a subscription, you will get a sticker on your first order and then occasionally after that.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes. During Checkout, you will see shipping rate options. Sorry, we don't offer free shipping on International orders.

Do you offer bulk price coffee for events?
Depending on the event, we may be interested in getting involved. We do offer bulk coffee for events if the quantity needed meets our high-volume price breaks and we can handle staffing for catering. Please inquire at

Can you send me coffee to review for my publication?
Sure! Please inquire at

I'm interested in purchasing a to-go coffee carafe from one of your coffee shops.
Great! We just ask for 48 hours' notice on this (a week if you need coffee for 50+ people). We can supply cups, lids and all the normal fixings. We can also supply pastries if interested. Please inquire at

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We couldn't be prouder to announce that Coffee Review just scored El Salvador Unicorn at a whopping 94 (!) and our brand new Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Koke at 93 — two of the highest scoring coffees of the year!


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